Our Vision

Who We Are

Advancing Agriculture is a collective voice to help promote modern agriculture in Canada.

We are a collection of representatives from Canada’s agriculture community who have come together to advocate on issues that impact our sector. We strive to build a community from across the sector consisting of farmers, ranchers, value chain partners and the plant science industry. Join our community to help drive positive change for Canadian agriculture.

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Our Belief

Canadian farmers are world-renowned as dependable suppliers of safe, nutritious food and high-quality crops. Our sector also has a significant growth opportunity. We want to ensure Canadian farms have access to the best tools and technologies so they can become more economically and environmentally sustainable, and drive this growth. With the right tools, and with the right government policies, Canada can become a global leader in the production and export of agricultural products.

Through Advancing Agriculture, we are bringing together Canada’s agriculture community and giving it a collective voice on the issues that matter most. Together, we will advocate for better regulations and government policies that will nourish Canada’s agriculture sector, keep it on the cutting edge and ensure the industry lives up to its full potential.

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Our Goal:

To advance the profile of Canada’s agri-food sector amongst policymakers and the general public. We will do this by advocating for the policies our sector needs to create:


Easy access to global and domestic markets where Canadian crops and agri-food products are valued.


A business climate that makes us a top country in which to invest.


An agile regulatory system that supports innovation, provides certainty to industry and protects health and safety.

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