Our Challenge

Overall, Canada’s agriculture sector occupies a position of strength. It is a tremendous source of pride for Canadians from coast to coast, and its resiliency helped see Canadians through one of the worst crises in recent history. Our crops and food have a reputation of safety, quality and trustworthiness worldwide. Canada’s global reputation is enhanced by our natural advantages, abundant fresh water and arable land, and an ecological footprint in producing food that is among the best in the world. But we can always do more.

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Global competitors have been racing ahead, and the Government of Canada has failed to keep pace. As we look to create jobs and economic growth in the years ahead, the need for modernization has never been greater. There are several obstacles that we need to overcome to live up to our full potential:


Non-tariff and non-science based trade barriers that hurt market access for Canada globally.


Lack of clarity for the regulation of plant breeding innovations in Canada is driving out innovation and preventing farmers from having access to the latest technology. This hurts both sustainability and competitiveness.


Regulatory barriers for pest control products hinder innovation and competitiveness.


Misaligned global trade rules for pesticides and plant breeding innovations serve as roadblocks to global trade.

Advancing Agriculture has come together to ensure that government policy is explicitly encouraging the growth of Canada’s agriculture sector. Half measures will not get the job done - action needs to be bold and swift in order to make Canadian agriculture the engine of innovation and growth that we all know it can and should be. Only by unifying our voice and advocating for better policies can our sector truly live up to its full potential.

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